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Mobile phone messages

The way good friends communicate by text message can be very, very informal. A lot of people use emojis (pictures that represent words or feelings) to communicate and shorten all of their words to make typing faster.

You will often encounter language in the UK when you will have to think carefully about what a word sounds like and think of all the possible meanings related to the context you are in.

In this instance you should try to read the ‘words’ out loud and think about the context of being good friends with someone at university.

You should reply to your friend by clicking the text button when prompted and typing a reply that you think would be appropriate, or amusing if you like.

You can then download your replies at the final slide and paste them into the discussion forum to share and discuss with your peers.

Task: practise communicating with your friend via text message by clicking through the slides below.

Task:┬áReturn to the Future Learn discussion forum and post your replies to each message. You can then reply to your peer’s messages and continue the conversation, sharing any other colloquial or informal expressions you know. Remember to be polite :).