Making Suitable Recommendations

One of the most important parts of a report are the recommendations you make to the reader and to your academic community. For your research to make an impact your recommendations need to follow logically from the thesis, results and discussion of your research. What impact should your research have on the world?

Recommendations are one of the last things your reader will encounter, but successful recommendations do not just appear at the end of the report, they are built throughout the report with each piece of literature and set of results demonstrating proof of your idea.

Task: Read the aims of the PhD research report: ‘Deciphering the link and direction between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms and obesity: Common behavioural or prenatal pathways?’ by Natasha Khalife

Which part of the aims below do you think relates to the recommendations the student will make?

The student has included information about the real world impact their research aims to achieve by stating:

‘understanding the role of the early developmental period in contributing to later disease risk is important for future intervention strategies that aim to prevent adverse health trajectories.’

The reader can already see that the research is aimed at making recommendations that will positively affect how their field tries to prevent people from developing poor health due to ADHD.

Task: Read through the discussion and summary of findings. Notice the highlighted parts of the text and think about what recommendations the student could make based on their findings.

The student starts to setup their recommendations in the final part of their conclusion.

Task: Use the aims, results, discussion and conclusion to choose the most logical recommendations to complete the research report

Task: Read the rest of the recommendations from the research report and decide which ones are the most logical based on the aims, results and discussion sections.

Your Task: Read the recommendations of the text you found from your discipline in the previous step.

Identify the parts of the aims, results, discussion and conclusion that link to the different recommendation.

Think: What would your dream recommendation be based on all of you research and findings progressing as you expect? Post it in the Future Learn discussion forum.