The Grammar of Methods

You have seen some examples of the vocabulary used in methodology sections and will now explore some of the typical grammar features.

Task: Read the tutor feedback on the methodology section and try to correct the student writing in the activity below.

Now you have practised correcting the first example let’s look at more authentic examples of methodology sections in research reports from the the BAWE corpus.

Task: Quickly read through the results from Sketch Engine and try to identify the sentences that are describing methods. Click on the arrows in the top right corner to make full screen.

Task: Drag the correct tense to complete the example methodology sentences

Task: Return to the example research report you found from your discipline and:

  • Find the methodology section
  • Identify the different tenses the writer has used
  • Notice any of the sentences that could help you express your intended methodology
  • Imagine you have completed your research, post a comment on the FutureLearn discussion forum describing part of your methods.