Writing Style

You have just seen how the style of your speaking will change depending on the situation you are in and the reason you have for communicating. This is similar to writing at university, sometimes you will use very formal, academic language and at other times you will use less formal, colloquial language. It all depends on the situation you are in and the purpose you have for writing something.

In this step you will look at some different examples of written communication at university in the UK and use the questions to help you decide whether they require formal, neutral or informal language.

Task: Click through the slides in the box below to practise making decisions about which style of written communication to use in different situations.

Task: Go back to the discussion forum on FutureLearn and tell your peers about:

  • a time when you had difficulty deciding which level of formality to use when you were writing something.¬†
  • what happened?

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